Arabian Horse Times - April, 2011


In the rolling, oak studded hills of northern Illinois, a place of blessed tranquility stands firm, an oasis for the Morse family, their friends and horses. Home to some of the world's most beautiful Arabian horses––and the humans who love them––Oak Ridge Arabians represents all that is lasting in a world that often appears only transient and unstable.


At the heart of this enterprise are the substance and the character of its people, Don and Janey Morse, their children, grandchildren, and all others with whom they have surrounded themselves. Add to this the wonderful team that cares for their precious horses––Erin Shaw, Arturo Apodaca, Todd Hershey and Jacob Keltner––and you have a formula that works. The solid foundation for all of this is made up of the simple Midwestern values of faith and family, gratitude, friendship and generosity.


Among Don and Janey's greatest joys is the fact that their family is being drawn ever closer together by their shared life with and love of the horses. Two of their children have homes on the farm while two of their grandchildren, Taylor and Matthew, work there. And all the youngsters are learning the kind of unselfish sense of responsibility that only comes from growing up in the company of animals that require the consideration of their human companions for sustenance.


It has been said that to have a friend, you must be a friend. Don and Janey, whose hearts and arms are always open, epitomize the truth of this statement. Each will tell you that the people they have met through the horses are easily as important to them as are the animals.


"There is no substitute in life," Janey says, "for the friendships we've made since we joined this community of horse lovers. We struggled like everyone does in the beginning, trying to make the right choices. That's one of the areas where our true friends have been the most help. We've learned so very much––of course, from David Boggs, our dear friend and mentor, who has lived and breathed Arabian horses throughout his life––from friends and breeders throughout the world."


In her customary humility, Janey attributes the rapid and positive evolution of Oak Ridge Arabians in its first eight years to . . . well, the Grace of God. "We've been blessed with the wherewithal to purchase great horses––including our stallions, *FAUSTO CRH, VEGAS DPA and VITORIO TO, and so many wonderful mares that we acquired for breeding to our own boys and to some of the breed's other special stallions.


Today, Don and Janey are seeing the early fruits of their own breeding efforts and are looking forward to all that Oak Ridge Arabians will mean to the breed throughout the years that lie ahead, on their journey . . . and beyond.


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